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  • New Sonic Interactive website receives glowing reviews from clients and web professionals

    By Sonja Hiscoe

    We’re proud to launch our new website

    Starting almost 2 years ago, the process has been quite an experience. As website designers, the most difficult job we can ever complete is our own website! 

    Multiple mock-ups were critiqued down to the last pixel only to be discarded for other ideas. Many hours of passionate debate about what should or shouldn’t be included saw the sitemap change too many times to even count.  Also, being so busy with client work left practically no time to work on our own site so the entire thing had to be completed outside work hours…  a tough job indeed.

    So we’re very excited to share with you our new website. We’ve had some fantastic feedback since going live and we’d love to know what you think!

    Sonic Interactive New Website

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