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What you get with our animated corporate Christmas eCards:

Our dedicated team are committed to making it easy for you this holiday season.

We understand the lead up to the Christmas period is busy for everyone so we are committed to providing exceptional customer service as it keeps our clients coming back year after year.

We've never had an unsatisfied client and never will, that is our guarantee.

  1. Standard changes include changing the logo, text message and music. You can choose a tune from any of the eCards on this page or supply your own in mp3 format. We can also perform further customisation on any of the eCards if required, subject to quote.
  2. Unlimited Views of your eCard. Our eCards can be sent or viewed by as many recipients as required all for the once-off cost. There is no limit to the number of views.
  3. Host the eCard on your website URL: We encourage you to host the files on your own website so visitors see your URL in their browser when viewing your eCard. We can supply you the files to host on your website along with simple setup instructions at no extra cost. Alternatively Sonic Interactive can host the files for you at no extra cost.
  4. Mobile Friendly: All of our animated eCards are mobile device friendly so you can rest assured your eCard will work on any PC, MAC, tablet or smartphone. The mobile friendly version of your eCard is fully animated and included in the standard cost.
  5. Post on Social Media: Included in the once-off cost, you can post your eCard on any social media account. So feel free to add your eCard link to your Facebook wall, Google+ page or any other social media platform.
  6. Blast in-house: You can use your standard email program (eg: Outlook), or any third party email marketing software (eg: Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor etc) to send out your eCard email. This is perfect if you have multiple staff needing to send out the eCards to their own contacts. Alternatively Sonic Interactive can perform the blast for you subject to quote.
  7. Tracking statistics: If you are hosting your eCard simply supply us your Google Analytics tracking code and we'll apply it to your eCard page at no extra cost. Then you'll be able to access the page view statistics in your Google Analytics account. Please note if you require Sonic Interactive to host your eCard there will be an extra fee for us to collate and supply you the Google analytics page view report.
  8. Human Support: All our eCards are developed manually by our designers providing the ultimate flexibility. You work exclusively with the Director of Sonic Interactive, not some automated system, ensuring the best possible customer service and satisfaction. We have never had an unsatisfied client and never will, that is our guarantee.
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Platinum Collection

These are our most popular Christmas eCards and contain a diversified range of sophisticated and engaging animations to represent your business. There are multiple colour versions available for selected eCards to better fit your business' corporate ID.

Platinum Plus Collection

The eCards in this collection can all be tailored to your individual needs. They include cutomisable imagery, map points and other unique elements to make your eCard more relevant to your business.

Bronze Collection

Our Bronze collection is a cheaper price point whilst still retaining sophistication and creativity to ensure your Corporate Christmas eCard is memorable.