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  • Are Corporate eCards better than traditional paper greeting cards?

    By admin

    More companies are turning to Corporate Christmas eCards as an alternative or even in addition to traditional paper greeting cards. Corporate Christmas eCards are an environmentally-friendly alternative to printed paper greeting cards, providing a more engaging and memorable experience and allowing your recipient to interact with your brand.

    Electronic greeting cards are more progressive than paper cards and let’s face it, they save trees! How often have you received a company Christmas card and given it a cursory glance and thrown it in the bin? Well, if you times that by billions, that’s a lot of trees! Corporate eCards leave a miniscule carbon footprint and can be sent to unlimited recipients without need for hours of laborious signing and expensive printing costs. How much productivity is lost every year having staff sign hundreds of Christmas cards with the same monotonous messages? Corporate eCards can be used by your individual staff members, allowing each to type their own personalised greeting to their client. Corporate Christmas e Cards are personal, engaging, eco friendly and instantaneous, which is why so many companies now send corporate eCards at Christmas and other important company occasions throughout the year.

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