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  • Why website designers should embrace designing for mobile applications

    By Sonja Hiscoe

    As a website designer, I’ve spent many years exploring, wireframing, refining and designing a bunch of websites for a range of uses. Mobile applications are the most exciting development in recent years. As designers we need to understand that users aren’t always sitting at their desktop and embrace this emerging platform. Let’s jump head first into the emerging mobile world!

    Here are 3 reasons to love designing for mobiles:

    1. Mobile design requires focus

    Small screens and mobile touch capability forces you to remove unnecessary elements and clutter to focus on what’s absolutely essential to your interface design.

    2. Direct manipulation of elements

    Using your fingers to manipulate what’s on your screen is such a hugely different experience to using a mouse. We’re designing for a more fluid, free experience – no longer tied down to the context of a keyboard, screen and mouse.

    3. A new way of thinking about user interface design

    We’re really only at the start of a whole new way of thinking about what we view online. Smartphones and tablets are the catalyst to change how we experience this information.

    These are exciting times for website designers as we create new online experiences for mobile device users. Only time will tell how well we adapt to catering for all users.

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    Sonja is a graphic & web designer with over 12 years professional design experience. Based in Australia, she loves living by the beach and enjoys writing about all things creative, including design, online marketing and new developments that will benefit her clients. You can find out more about Sonja or catch up on

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